Top10 Benefits of Phd after MBA

Are you looking to enroll for a Ph.D. after your MBA? So once have a look at the benefits of Phd after MBA. Every year lakhs of students complete their MBA and eagerly wait for an opportunity to move further in their career. After MBA, joining for the Ph.D. is an excellent option for such students. 

In this post, we have tried our best to provide you all the information regarding the benefits of a Phd after an MBA. As per data released in the year 2018, India is among the top four countries in the world, where the highest number of doctorate degrees are being awarded. In India, around 24,000 doctorate degrees are being awarded every year. 

Benefits of Phd after MBA

What is a PhD 

Ph.D. stands for Doctorate of Philosophy. It’s considered one of the most common and highest degrees of an academic level award for a course of study. 

Eligibility criteria for Phd after MBA

Once we have the basic idea of a Ph.D. now let us know what the eligibility criteria are if you are looking to pursue the Ph.D. after your MBA. The first thing is the candidate must complete his/her 2 years MBA degree with good marks in India then he/she needs to appear for UGC-NET or GATE exam. Upon successfully clearing the exam the candidate can get admitted into the top Ph.D. providing universities and various business schools all across the country (India). In India, based upon the rules and regulations of the various universities the candidate can complete the Ph.D. after MBA with the time range of three years to five years. 

Specializations for Ph.D’s in Business

Just now we have discussed the eligibility criteria for Ph.D. If you satisfy these criteria, For sure you can continue with a Ph.D. after your MBA. So now let’s discuss various specializations for Ph.D. in business :

Benefits of Phd after MBA
Benefits of Phd after MBA

After MBA there are a lot of specializations available for Ph.D. holders in terms of business background here we have mentioned some of the best specializations which can have excellent demand in the market.

  • Business Economics

This topic deals with various economic analyses with risk management, business, and various other areas to deal with.

  • Accounting

This topic deals to solve the issues based on economics-related statistics and decision theory.

  • Finance

Finance deals with research based on asset management, portfolios, etc.

  • Operation information & technology

This topic study is based upon the management of systems, networks, and processes in most cases it also covers health-related caring systems and manufacturing, product design, and many more. 

  • Marketing

Marketing deals with the research of various marketing strategies to grow the business, Solve various marketing problems. Along with all this decision-making, statistics of the company, data management, and economy of the firm are to be taken in research. 

  • Organizational behavior

This topic is based upon psychology, sociology, and the common behaviors of the various people of organizations and other similar topics.

All these mentioned topics have their demand and a lot of topics which you need to complete during your Ph.D. academics to gain your Ph.D. degree.

Benefits of Phd after MBA

From the above sections, we have gained enough information about Ph.D. after the MBA. So now let’s finally discuss what are the benefits of Phd after MBA. 

As you complete the Ph.D. means you become a specialist in that certain subject. So Ph.D. holders are always preferred before normal MBA holders so you gain a competitive advantage. The salary which a normal MBA candidate gets is always less than yours, which means you will be paid high. As you become among the top educated people you have a high salary along with much respect in the society. You can also have enough chances to lead a firm as their entrepreneurial ventures.

Is masters degree is needed to enroll for a PhD

In most cases, a master’s degree is not needed, but when it comes to arts and commerce students MA ( Master of Arts) is necessary before thrilling for a Ph.D. course as they don’t have practical experience. But on the other side for engineering students, master’s degrees are not required as they have practical knowledge in their under graduation program itself in the form of labs. 

Which Degree is best after MBA

When candidates are about to complete various of their courses they have a doubt, what is next? So after MBA, there is a lot of opportunities for the candidates such as joining for

  • PhD
  • Executive MBA
  • Chartered finalist analyst (CFA)
  • SAP Courses
  • Doctor of Business (DBA)

Not only these courses but many more courses and opportunities are available after MBA. You can also prepare for UPSC.

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Hope after going through this post you have enough idea about doing a Ph.D. after MBA and also benefits of Phd after MBA. If still, you have any doubt regarding this post, you can reach us by just visiting the comment box below.

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