Best Courses After 12th BiPC

This article deals with Best Courses After 12th BiPC. Every year lakhs of students complete their intermediate in several streams. Mostly these streams are from mathematics, Biology along with physics and chemistry. Other than this most of the students choose commerce, economics, and other various subjects. But when these students complete their intermediate or say, 12th class, there are a lot of opportunities waiting for them.  So most commonly it’s seen that students generally get confused regarding choosing the best courses to further complete their undergraduate course. So let’s further gather the information related to the Best Courses After 12th BiPC

Best Courses After 12th BiPC
Best Courses After 12th BiPC

Best Courses After 12th BiPC

It’s seen that most of the students who aim to complete their intermediate in Bipc are especially interested in MBBS or pharmaceutical sectors along with these two core interested field there are many more courses in which you can enroll and further continue your studies set up a successful career opportunity. So let’s discuss in detail all those courses in the below session of this course. 

Here is the list of Best Courses After 12th BiPC:

If you are from a BiPC background then simply you can enroll in the below courses listed 

  • Medical course

Generally when we say the Medical Course then according to the courses which are present now in this category are MBBS (medicine) and BDS (Dental).

  • Aayush Course

In this session a list of 3-4 courses are especially included they are mentioned as below:

BAMS(Ayurveda), BHMS (Homeopathy), BUMS (Unani), BNYS (Naturopathy and Yoga).

  • Veterinary Courses: BVSc

This course can be easily understood with the name itself that it’s made for animals. It deals with medical procedures related to various animals.

  • Agriculture Allied Courses:- 

All these courses are specially related to the agricultural field and its related research and development are observed and the new thing is discovered in this field. So the best courses in this field are as mentioned below:

B.Sc Hons. Agriculture, B.Sc Hons. Horticulture, B.Sc Forestry, BFSc (Fisheries), B.Sc Sericulture

Pharmacy Courses

In this, all the study is done based upon medicines. If you are interested in this then you can easily join the below two courses recommended for you.

B pharmacy, Pharma D

Allied Medical Courses :optoptm (Optometry), B.Sc Cardiovascular Technology, B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technology. 

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Medical Courses

As in the above session of this post, we have learned the various opportunities we have after 12th class through BiPC, so now let’s discuss in detail those opportunities. 

If we are especially targeting to get enrolled in the medical course then we have several courses to do, but all here comes the marks and knowledge we are having based on the intermediate subject and syllabus. If we are looking to continue in any one of the courses then surely we need to qualify for the eligibility tests related to these courses. For example, if you are looking for MBBS then you need to appear for the NEET exam and clear, based upon your performance you will be granted the college and course. 

If your performance is not enough for MBBS then BDS(dental), BAMS(Ayurveda), BHMS (Homeopathy), BUMS (Unani), BNYS ( Naturopathy and yoga) are the other courses in which you can continue your studies and have a career. All these courses have enough demand in the market because these are based on life. 

Agriculture Courses

Most of the students have a dream to have a successful career opportunity in the field of agriculture. So in this field also you have enough opportunities to get knowledge set a bright career. As per records India’s 70% of people are depending on agriculture to earn their livelihood. So in this field, our state and central governments are highly active to provide enough facilities for the farmers and this sector. You have a chance for becoming a government employee. 

The government hires various agriculture-related students for various posts such as:

  • Loan officer
  • Officer for agriculture
  • Assistant director of agriculture.
  • Another agricultural field related specialist
  • Along with all these chances you can also prepare for UPSC to join Civil services.

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Along with this also you have chances to work in the private sector for various fertilizer companies, agricultural product export companies, and many more opportunities are always waiting in this field.

Best Courses After 12th BiPC

Pharmacy Courses

This sector of BiPC is mostly occupied. In the pharma sector, all the medicines-related courses are being though. You can become a pharmaceutical specialist and your work is going to provide the correct medicines for the patient and ensure that he/she is taking the medicines at the proper time. These all the list of Best Courses After 12th BiPC.

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Above you have read about Best Courses After 12th BiPC in which you can enroll and get a good career opportunity. Hope after reading the above block you have found a idea related to Best Courses After 12th BiPC and based upon your interest you can choose the course and enroll in it. If you face any problem you can reach as through the comment box or also you can visit our social media handles as mentioned below:

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