Top 5 Best Graduation Subject for IAS Preparation

Are you an IAS aspirant but confused about choosing the subjects? If yes, here we have provided the list of top 5 to do Best Graduation Subject for IAS preparation. Preparing for the UPSC Exam is not a piece of cake. It’s considered one of the toughest exams. So you need to burn the midnight oil to get a secured rank. Most of the aspirants prepare for 5-10 years to crack the UPSC exam, on the other hand, some people crack this exam in the first attempt only. Many people take 3-4 attempts to pass whereas most of the candidates don’t clear the exam at all. 

Best Graduation Subject for IAS
Best Graduation Subject for IAS

So from the above situation, you may be analyzing what’s the problem that some are clearing and most people are failing. So the main reason behind this is the correct choice of subject and other preparation strategies. To clear the exams like UPSC you need to have very strong determination and willpower. Along with this mindset, you need to follow excellent strategies, a good preparation schedule, and choosing the correct subjects are playing a crucial role. 

So, let’s discuss what is the Best Graduation Subject for IAS. In this session, we will review the courses based upon the data of candidates and their preferred courses chosen by them. 

Best Graduation Subject for IAS

To choose the best graduation subject for IAS, we will consider the UPSC candidate’s data of the previous two to three years’ civil services exam. So let’s start with the UPSC EXAM 2017 data. 

Optional Subjects NameNo of the Candidates selectedPass Percentage
Urdu literature26 19.2
Commerce & accountancy 2812.5
UPSC EXAM 2017 data

As per 2017 data, we can understand that Urdu literature has the highest percentage of success rate, along with Urdu, Punjabi literature also has the 2nd highest success rate. While coming to subjects commerce & accountancy, law, agriculture, and botany are the next second, third and fourth number of the subject with the highest success rate in IAS EXAM as per 2017 data. 

Now lest check the data of UPSC Exam 2016. 

Optional subject nameStudents succeededPercentage rate 
Medical science 1616.3
Animal husbandry812.3
UPSC Exam 2016 Data

As per 2016 data shared by UPSC, it’s seen that medical science, agriculture, animal husbandry, economics, and psychology are the top 5 optional subjects.  But above all these five subjects, Urdu literature, Panjabi literature has the highest success rates. 

Somehow from the comparison of these two years, we have a basic idea that literature has the highest success rate especially Urdu literature. And if the move towards the core optional subjects its Biology and its subparts such as botany, animal husbandry, medical science, etc. And of course, we can’t leave the accountancy, economics, and law they appear in the top five subjects every year. 

As now we have an idea about the best graduation subjects for IAS, let’s see some points which can guide us, to select the optional subjects and help us to crack UPSC in the first attempt. 

Tips to Choose Best Graduation Subject for IAS 

Every student has their interest and capacity to deal with every subject. But when it comes to selecting the subject for UPSC it is quite difficult. So choose a subject as per follow instruction provided below:

  • Search for a subject which you didn’t feel bored while reading.
  • Look for subjects which you have enough grip on.
  • Always go with subjects which you feel more to learn about.
  • Even you can go with the subjects which you have maximum scoring from the beginning.

Based upon the points provided, you can select the best one for your UPSC optional subject. 

Which is the most important subject for IAS

Look in UPSC there is nothing like a most important subject for IAS, but surely you need to have to clear all the subjects in the UPSC exam. Anyhow your optional subject is going to be tough but on the other hand, you need to clear the prelims firstly. So in prelims, you need to prepare very well for general awareness, current affairs, and aptitude. As most of the candidates get rejected in the prelims only, so firstly you need to focus on the prelims then on your optional subjects. 

Which is the easiest subject for IAS

If you are looking for the easiest subjects for IAS, then surely you can go with literature, the most successful optimal subject in the UPSC is URDU literature, and anyhow most of the year’s literature candidates have the maximum success rate of clearing the UPSC exam. If we check out the easiest core subjects then sub-parts of biology like agriculture, medical science, and animal husbandry have a satisfactory success rate. Along with this engineering, law, and economics also has an excellent success rate. 

How should I Study for IAS after Graduation

If you have completed your undergraduates from any of the recognized colleges, then you are a qualified member to apply for the UPSC. Now the next thing is how to prepare for the UPSC Exam. For this firstly you need to choose your optional subjects and based upon that you need to plan your study strategies. In this process, you need to first go through the whole UPSC syllabus, and then based upon that make a perfect routine.

You need to understand the subjects and topics in which you need to focus more and also on which you have enough grip. Based upon this you need to fix some extra times for the subject you will face trouble and for remaining, you can give a fixed time. 


Does Graduation Percentage Matters in IAS?

When it comes to UPSC generally percentage doesn’t matter. It simply notices that the candidate has cleared the exam or not. If you have completed your undergraduates from any of the recognized universities or colleges, you can apply for UPSC.

Which is the best graduation course for IAS?

When it comes to choosing the best course for UPSC, mostly literature in Urdu subjects has the highest success percentage rate. But if we check about courses for UPSC, then graduation in

  • Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Medical
  • Humanities
  • Law
  • Accounting 
  • Economics

These subjects have the highest number of success records as per the UPSC data. 

Which degree is best for IAS after 12th and 10th ?

It varies from candidate to candidate as all the candidates are not capable of performing the same in every subject. subjects But when we discuss previous data better to choose any of the below courses:

  1. Engineering (BE/Btech)
  2. Agriculture 
  3. Economics
  4. Law
  5. Literature 

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Can I take a degree from any college for IAS ?

Yes, there is no limit just you need to complete the degree from any of the government-recognized colleges. 

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After reading the whole post about Best Graduation Subject for IAS, I hope you can choose your subject. If still, you find any difficulty about the Best Graduation Subject for IAS, feel free to contact us. 

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