computer science and engineering fully Explained

In this modern world, most of the youngsters are looking to make a career in technical fields like computer science and engineering. So if you are also looking to get several details related to computer science and engineering, you can read this full article. In this article, we have tried our best to clear all the doubts you may have related to this course. In this article, you will find the full details related to this course.

computer science and engineering
computer science and engineering Course, Eligibility, Fee structure, best colleges and university, Syllabus, Scope, and Salary

computer science and engineering-Course, Eligibility, Fee structure, best colleges, and university, Syllabus, Scope, and Salary

So now let’s understand what is in CSE

What is in CSE: in CSE is nothing but simply an academic program, whose course duration is four years. Basically, it deals with computer science and computer engineering. It is also called as B.E in CSE or in CSE or engineering in CSE. Now once we have understood about the in CSE, now let’s discuss what is Computer Science Engineering.

What is Computer Science and Engineering 

Computer Science Engineering deals with a four years undergraduate course, in which students are tough about the basics of computer and computer languages such as c-language, C++, java, oracle l, dot net, and many more. To complete this course you have to clear the exams which may be a total of eight semesters by part or based upon yearly exams means a total of 4 exams. It varies from university and college to college. This is how you can gain an undergraduate degree.

Now let’s discuss the various ways to get admitted for the course in in CSE.

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Admission rules for computer science and engineering

To get the addition for computer science and engineering you must fulfill the below-listed criteria:-

  • You must pass 10+2 or intermediate with good marks having studied maths, physics, and chemistry as the main language in 10+2. If you want to do or appear for in CSE or any other engineering you these subjects are must needed. So if you are from any other stream except maths, physics, and chemistry you won’t be able to do engineering.
  • Once you have completed your 10+2 you need to appear for the entrance test. If you qualify for the entrance exam you can get admission. There are also many colleges that provide admission based on the merit list also.
  • So the admission process is based upon both merit and also the entrance test based. 

Eligibility criteria for computer science and engineering

Eligibility criteria for in CSE are very much simple. The candidate applying for the CSE must have passed 10+2 or intermediate with good marks from the subjects of mathematics, physics, and also chemistry. These three subjects are must demandable in the course of Once you have passed the intermediate you can choose your university or college. All the college and universities have their own rules, regulation,s, and processes of taking admissions. If you fulfill the requirements of the university you can have a seat for in CSE and get admitted to complete your course.

Fee structure for CSE

The fee structure for in CSE differs year by year and also based upon city, country and you have chosen a private college, private university, or government universities. So let’s see about the fee structure of in CSE. If you are looking to get admission to a third-class private college in India, they may charge you around 50k per year to 75k per year as a course fee. Now when you move to good private colleges that will ask you to pay around 300k per year.

At last, you are very good at studies and have received a seat good government college or university, you may need to pay around 1.6 lakhs per year to 3lakhs of fee per year. 

What are the Best Colleges and University for computer science and engineering

Here is the list of top 10 college for CSE:-

  3. IIT Kanpur 
  4. IIT Bombay
  5. IIT Madras
  7. BITS
  10. MIT

These are the top 10 colleges in India for CSE. 

Syllabus for computer science and engineering

Follow the below paragraphs to get the knowledge of Syllabus for computer science and engineering

List of core subjects in CSE:

Fundamentals of Computer


Data Structures

Computer Networks

Object-Oriented Programming

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Computer Architecture and 


Discrete Mathematics

Database Management Systems

Operating Systems

Software Engineering

Theory of Computation

Introduction to Communication Systems

Multi-device Programming

Advanced Java Programming

List of Selective subjects:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Neural Network

Introduction to Soft Computing

Introduction to Internet-Of-Things

Statistical Modeling for Data Science

Advanced Communication Networks

High-Performance Computing

Introduction to Linear and Nonlinear Optimisation

Wireless Sensor Networks and Applications

Computer Vision

Mobile Platform Programming

Web Intelligence and Algorithms

Machine Learning

Computational Geometry and Applications

Cyber Security

Game Theory

Data Mining

Introduction to Information Security

Modeling and Simulation

Information Retrieval

Natural Language Processing

Compiler Design

Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

Now once we have read the syllabus now let’s check out the scope of BTech in CSE. 

Scope of in CSE:

This is a computer-based education program in which all the computer languages are tough. It has an excellent demand in the market as per now and as the demand for computers is going to increase in the future it’s the demand for career opportunities will increase day by day.  So it is going to have excellent career opportunities in the field of CSE for the youngest who are looking to join this course.

Salary of computer science and engineering

The salary structure for differs based on the experience of the candidate. If you are a fresher and have no field experience as an engineer then you will be given a junior engineer post and your salary may be around 1.2 lakhs per annum to 4 lakhs per annum. And if you have working experience over five years you can earn a massive salary of 3.4lakhs to 6 lakhs per month and increases gradually. 

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What is the difference between in CSE & in IT 

The main difference between the in CSE & in IT is that in CSE deals with the science involved in computers and the study of different computer languages whereas in IT

deals with several applications of computers & computer networks in real-life and how it is helpful for humans. Means in IT is as simple as to understand that IT is just the process of selecting the correct hardware and software-based upon our requirements. This is the basic difference between in CSE & in IT. 

List of different specialization in CSE:

1.Artificial Intelligence. 

2. Computer-Human Interface.

3. Game Design.

4. Networks.

5. Computer Graphics.

6. Information Security.

7. Data Science.

8. Programming Languages.

What is the difference between B.E in CSE and in CSE

When it comes to B.E in CSE and in CSE, both courses are almost the same but B.E in CSE deals with basic concepts and fundamentals of theoretical knowledge for a specified branch say computer science engineering, whereas in CSE deals with the core subjects including how to tackle the technical problem, functioning, computer languages and many more. This is the main difference between B.E in CSE and in CSE.

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Hope once you have read the above points carefully now you have cleared all the doubts related to computer science and engineering.If still you are facing any trouble to understand simply you can visit the comment box to get your problem answered by us. 

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