Best Polytechnic Colleges Near Me

This article deals with the Best Polytechnic Colleges Near Me. In this post, we have discussed in detail, the polytechnic (diploma) program in India and provided the list of top10 Polytechnic Colleges Near Me. In this post, you will understand every doubt in the detail which comes to your mind such as what is polytechnic, admission process, eligibility criteria, fee structure, best polytechnic colleges, best courses in polytechnic (diploma) 2020, and many more. So let’s understand all these questions related to polytechnic (diploma) colleges with higher placement in 2020 one by one.

Polytechnic Colleges Near Me
Polytechnic Colleges Near Me

What is polytechnic

Polytechnic (diploma) is nothing but a normal degree program that enhances the candidates with basic knowledge of technical skills such as computers, electronic, civil, mechanical, electrical, etc. Mostly it can be known as a junior engineering program. In this course all the branches of engineering are present. It’s 3 years technical degree program.

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for several Polytechnic (Diploma) Colleges with Higher Placement in India are very simple. The candidate has to clear the matriculation or 10th class with good results. Candidate must have very good command over mathematics, physics along with chemistry. It’s noted that most of the polytechnic institutions in India demand a minimum of 50% marks in matriculation or 10th class.

Admission process

The admission process of polytechnic colleges in India is not difficult but it depends on the institutions. For most of the government colleges, you need to appear for the entrance test. Based on the merit list of college selected candidates are considered for further studies. But several colleges take admission to the 10th class performance.

List of Best Polytechnic Colleges Near Me with placement

  1. Government Polytechnic,    Mumbai

2. S H Jondhale Polytechnic Thane

3. Anjuman Polytechnic          Nagpur

4. Adesh Polytechnic College  Muktsar

5. Government polytechnic   Nagpur

6. Ananda Marga Polytechnic. Kolar

7. Andhra polytechnic.   Kakinada

8. Government Polytechnic Miraj        Sangli

9. Yamuna Polytechnic for Engineering         Yamunanagar

10. Government Polytechnic College

Ambikapur       Ambikapur

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Best Polytechnic Institutes for Women with higher placement in 2020

1.Government Women’s  Polytechnic            Patna

2. Government Women Polytechnic College Bhopal

3. South Delhi Polytechnic for Women

4. Kasturba Polytechnic for Women (Govt. Polytechnics) Prem Bari Pul

5. Meera Bai Polytechnic for Women (Govt. Polytechnics) Maharani Bagh

6. International Polytechnic for Women

HKE’s Society Women’s Polytechnic Gulbarga

7. Mantram Women’s Polytechnic College

8.Government Girls Polytechnic, UP

9. Faroqia women Polytechnic, Karnataka

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Fee Structure of Polytechnic Colleges Near Me

The few structures of polytechnic generally vary based on different criteria such as college rank, facilities, professor, private or government, and many more. But an average fee structure ranges from 10k per year to 3 lakhs per year for most of the polytechnic colleges in India. Generally, Polytechnic (Diploma) Colleges with Higher Placement charge high fees than normal colleges.

List of TOP RECRUITERS for Polytechnic Colleges Near Me

For polytechnic aspirants top recruiters such as Mahindra, Hero, Wipro, TCS, TATA, L&T, etc companies hire as junior engineers. But the salary scale is very impressive. Even these people will get enough hike in the salary with an increase in their experience and work dedication. All these companies select the candidates from Polytechnic (Diploma) Colleges with Higher Placement. Even you can apply for several government job vacancies. To check the notification click here.

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1.Which polytechnic course is best?

In present-day, there is a high demand in computers and IT sectors along with Electronics and communication engineering. Overall these courses, the king of engineering is always Mechanical engineering. But it has a low salary and high demand in the market.

2. Is polytechnic a good choice?

Yes, it’s an amazing choice. And it becomes more helpful to those people who are looking to earn along with pursuing their higher studies. There is an excellent demand for diploma holders in the market and most of the top companies prefer to hire polytechnic diploma holders.

3. Which diploma course is best for the future?

There are a lot of diploma courses, among all of them these three courses

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in CSE.
  • Post Graduation in Digital marketing

have a better future with enough salary.

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