This post is all about VLSI System Designs, introduction, and other career advice associated with it. Generally, we all are well connected with electronics in our day-to-day life. In the present world, electronics play a crucial role in defining our daily routine. So when it comes to electronics, VLSI is another part of it. By using the VLSI process the electronics are made easier and devices are getting smaller and smaller. The mastermind behind compressing the size of various electronic devices is none other than our VLSI System Design model only. So now let’s try to deal with the basics starting from the history of VLSI. 

History of VLSI


The concept of VLSI was firstly introduced in the year 1959 by two scientists Mohamed M. Atalla and Dawon Kahng at Laboratory named Bell Labs. These two scientists collectively work for two years in 1960 and 1961, in the year 1960 Mohamed M. Atalla came out to reveal the concept of the MOS integrated circuit chip. Later in 1961, DAWON KAHNG explained that fabrication is easy with MOS transistors and can be very much useful in integrating circuit designing. After all these explanations, they worked, and finally, in the year 1964, the first microelectronics MOS integrated circuit was made.

Somehow we have come to know about the development of VLSI and its developers. Now let’s try to understand what is VLSI System Design and other things related to it in the below session.

What is VLSI System Design

VLSI is a part of electronics. VLSI stands for Very-Large-Scale Integration. VLSI System Design is a process of making integrated circuits by combining a large number (thousand & lakhs) of transistors in a single chip. The use of VLSI was begun in the year 1970s, this is also the time when most of the communication systems and semiconductors were being developed. The best example of a VLSI device is a Microprocessor

In the beginning, when VLSI technology was not present, IC’s were used which have limited functions but electronic components consist of a CPU, RAM, ROM, and other glue logics. But the introduction of VLSI technology provided a path for designers to set all the IC in a single chip through which devices began to compress in size and more technologies can be introduced.

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What is the use of VLSI system design 

VLSI has vast uses in electronic components and devices. At present, almost every electronic device uses this technology. Some basic examples where VLSI is commonly observed are in microprocessors, along with this in most of the computer appliances and workstation, Digital Cameras includes this VLSI technology every chip of electronics are made using this technology only. Graphics card is made using this technology only. Most of the automobiles, embedded systems, portable computers, cell phone chips all these devices are designed using VLSI technology only. 

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Software Used in VLSI System Design

VLSI is one of the modern invented technologies only but as the demand for the computer, mobiles, and electronic devices are increasing the demand for VLSI technology is very high in the market all across the world. VLSI technology uses several software, through which it can be designed. You can check the software used to design VLSI components below:

VLSI designing software:

Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Xilinx, Keysight ADS, Keysight IC-Cap, Synopsys Advanced TCAD, Silvaco TCAD 3D, Silvaco AMS, GTS TCAD Framework, and QuantumWise ATK. Open Source Tools: OOMMF, QCADesigner, Spice3f5, BSIM4, and QuantumEspresso.

Best Courses of VLSI System design 

VLSI Technology Courses
VLSI Technology Courses

As per the above information, we can understand the demand for VLSI designers are very much high in the modern market and also has an excellent future. So why not discuss some of the beat classes which can provide us with an excellent career opportunity. So here are the best VLSI courses in which you can expect better growth and high demand.

  • VLSI CAD part
  • VLSI online courses 
  • Top VLSI courses 

All the above four listed courses are available online on several platforms. You can enroll them to complete and gain a certificate. But somehow if you take practical knowledge with 6 months and 12 months industry-based internships and work on the ground this will provide you more benefit and also gives a good career opportunity.

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Hope after reading this post, you have gained the basic ideas regarding VLSI SYSTEM DESIGN. If you have any doubt regarding any of the topics listed above. Feel free to reach through the comment box. 

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